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Principal's Desk

         “Thanks to the farsightedness of the representatives of the people of Tamilnadu”

   The institution economically and culturally bacward district of tamilnadu. Ever since the establishment of this striving hard to provide quality education in order to empower the rural womenfolk.Based on the tamilnadu,we admit and train girl students of this locality in various programmes.Apart from undergraduate and M.Phil., courses also with the aim of providing higher education to the rural education in name of caste, creed and sex. Our motto is to spread knowledge to the farthest simplest women of our motherland.

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Vision & Mission

    Transforming the underprivileged rural girls into empowered women to serve the society
To hone rural girls as

  • Educated
  • Self confident
  • Skilled
  • Employable and
  • Self reliant
Core values
    Supporting the vision and mission of the college, Focusing on the activities that bring out the latent talents of the students,Decentralizing the decision making process,Inculcating the moral/ethical values to make them responsible citizens ,Sensitizing the young minds towards environmental protection and cleanliness


The Centre for Women’s Studies seeks to consolidate and strengthen many of the college’s initiatives towards women’s education, research and interventions on gender issues.

The Centre not only takes up research and documentation in the field, but also seeks to focus on links between activism, intervention and academics. Working across languages, it hopes to build a local thrust.

The Centre endeavours to realize its aims of empowering women through seminars and workshops. The Centre also plans to network with national and international women’s groups to strengthen solidarity and to build resources for positive cultural interventions through theatre, film and social advertising. The initiatives of the Centre are focused on Teaching, Research, Training, Documentation, Field Action and Linkages.

CLICK HERE to Contact for any complaints regarding ragging
Anti ragging cell takes care of ragging free campus. On the first day of college reopening, first year students are informed about the cell and even senior students are also been educated to keep a cordial relationship with their juniors.Our college campus is completely free from ragging. The anti ragging committee includes the Principal, the co-ordinator, all the HOD’s of major department and one student representative from each class. The Government rules and regulations and the UGC Guidelines are informed to the students in the assembly and also an undertaking is obtained from the First year students and the parents every year.







Government of India offers scholarship for backward & most backward class students and Government of TamilNadu offers scholarship for Scheduled castes & Scheduled tribes. Under this scheme, many of our college students were benefited every year. Every year more than 700 students are getting scholarship through our college.

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